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Cyber Security Services for Small Businesses - St. Louis

Are you protected from a data breach?

Think cybercriminals only target big companies?

More than 75% of data breaches target small and medium sized business (SMBs), and that can result in costs both financially and to your reputation.

We do the work for you will perform the interview, review your documentation, and do all of the testing.  You’ll spend 1-2 hours on a call with one of our security professionals, then review the findings.  That’s it, we do the work for you.

Organization Security Focus

  • Annual Security Risk Assessment to identify security weaknesses and resolutions.
  • 18 Policy and Procedure Templates
  • Contracts and document storage
  • Employee training, phishing and policy acknowledgement reports
  • Security information central repository
  • Annual network penetration testing (more frequently testing available)
  • Annual WiFi analysis
  • Annual patch and PII scanning
  • Annual physical security testing

Employee Security Focus

  • On-Demand employee security training and tracking
  • Continuous weekly 1-2 minute mico-security training lessons
  • Monthly magazine styled security newsletter
  • Simulated phishing emails to employees
  • Security policies that employees electronically acknowledge
  • Dark web breach assessment to identify hidden risks to employees and an organization