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Education Cyber Security Services

How protected is your school from a data breach?

We do the work for you will perform the interview, review your documentation, and do all of the testing.  You’ll spend 1-2 hours on a call with one of our security professionals, then review the findings.  That’s it, we do the work for you.

Organization Security Focus

  • Annual Security Risk Assessment to identify security weaknesses and resolutions.
  • 18 Policy and Procedure Templates
  • Contracts and document storage
  • Employee training, phishing and policy acknowledgement reports
  • Security information central repository
  • Annual network penetration testing (more frequently testing available)
  • Annual WiFi analysis
  • Annual patch and PII scanning
  • Annual physical security testing

Employee Security Focus

  • On-Demand employee security training and tracking
  • Continuous weekly 1-2 minute mico-security training lessons
  • Monthly magazine styled security newsletter
  • Simulated phishing emails to employees
  • Security policies that employees electronically acknowledge
  • Dark web breach assessment to identify hidden risks to employees and an organization