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Mobile Device (MDM)

Mobile Device 380x225Are your employees walking around with valuable data on their smartphones and tablets? What happens to that data when a device is lost, or stolen? What if the employee leaves the company? o you trust them to erase the data on their own? What would it cost you if that data fell into the wrong hands? can quickly deploy and support mobile devices, whether they’re owned by your company, or a bring-your-own-device (BYOD). With simple provisioning, your company data can be segregated and kept safe, no matter who owns the device, or what that device is located.

We will setup policies specific to your business to keep track of, and manage the data that is available to your employees, ensuring only those that need access are able to get it.

We can manage network settings, so you don’t have to share your wifi passwords. We can even locate a device with GPS and reset a user password.

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