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One to One (1:1) Devices


As more schools embrace  1:1, there are more stories of student success. is proud to be a part of the 1:1 movement in K-12 Education.  Our certified team of technicians are able to work with Technology Directors and Coordinators to make sure your deployment goes smoothly.  Here are just a few of the options we are able to offer:

  • Chrome, Windows and Android Devices
  • Network Infrastructure Planning, Implementation and Support
  • Deployment Planning
  • White-Glove Setup (in partnership with Missouri Community Improvement Industries)
  • Device Management
  • Device Accessories (charging, storage, cases, etc)
  • Laser Etching
  • Professional Development

Chrome devices are now the fastest-selling devices within the education market. There's good reason - the prices of the devices are less than almost anything else available and the management is easy to learn and straightforward. When you combine these features with the free Google Classroom, it's a win-win for teachers, students and the tech department.

Chrome Devices now come in a variety of forms, from a variety of manufacturers. 11.6" is still the standard, but 13" and 14" models are readily available. With, or without, touchscreen. You can also get Chromeboxes when you want the devices to stay in a classroom or lab setting.

The cost of Windows devices in a 1:1 environment have long been too high for many schools. However, prices have fallen, especially on the Windows Cloudbook offerings.

Many preschools and K-2 classrooms are looking for something with a touchscreen for their students. The want something interactive and easy to use. Android-based tablets are the answer. They provide apps for young learners, at a price point much better than an iOS device.

White-Glove Setup

Have your 1:1 device ready to go, right out of the box (or case).

In association with MCII in Farmington, MO, (a non-profit organization that hires disabled adults), we enroll the unit in Google Chrome Management, setup Wifi, Update the ChromeOS, and even load the unit into custom cases for you.

Carrying Cases

While we provider a range of cases from several manufacturers, our primary partner is InfoCase, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Visit InfoCase's K12 Resource Center)

It's proven that cases help extend the life of a laptop, especially in the hands of K-12 students. Protect you investment with the right case.

Charging & Storage

From basic store and charge devices that hold up to 10 devices in the classroom, to full-fledged laptop/tablet carts, we carry it all. We offer solutions from Belkin, Ergotron and more.