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Business Continuity

Recovery Time Objective 380Backups can be complex and overwhelming.  Creating a plan that will work for a variety of scenarios, such as accidental deletion, sabotage, natural disaster, or simple hardware failure, takes time. backup experts will sit down with you and make a plan for your systems.  We’ll help you answer important questions like: What data is the most important to your business?  How long can you go without each set of data?  We’ll help you decide what data is worth the cost for instant restoration, versus what data is accessed infrequently, and can wait to be restored. uses a variety of tools to ensure you experience the least amount of downtime, no matter what your environment.  Physical, virtual, servers, workstations – we use the right tool for the right job.  We monitor all backups 24/7/365, plus perform regular manual restorations.  What good is a backup if the data isn’t available when you need it?

All backup solutions are 100% secure.  We encrypt during the backup, during transport, and at the final destination.

Small Offices often need just important files backed up. You need access to important documents and financial information when things go wrong. This is where File-Level Backups come into play. We backup just those important files that you can’t live without in case of a hardware failure or disaster. The files can be backed up either to a local storage solution, for fastest access, or to the cloud for true disaster recovery. In most cases, we do both a local back and a cloud backup, to make sure you’re ready for whatever may happen.

Image-based backups are the most robust of backups. They allow us to spin-up the servers or workstation on a different piece of hardware in only minutes. The spin-up can take place on a replacement piece of hardware, or directly on your backup server as a virtual machine. We can even replicate the backup to our secure cloud facility, where the server can be spun-up with little notice, if there’s a true physical disaster to your facilities.

Our backup solution for your virtual infrastructure leverages the virtualization, storage and cloud technologies to provide availability for the modern data center. Recover a failed VM in less than 2 minutes. Verify recoverability of you backups and replicas, and view your complete backup infrastructure at a glance.