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Modernize your data center, consolidate servers and integrate with the cloud by using virtualization and hyperconverged technologies from

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the creation of a virtual device, as opposed to a physical device. Virtualization allows you to remove functions from a piece of hardware and assign it to a piece of software. For example, why does your desktop operating system have to be tied to your desktop computer? Why not have it hosted somewhere else, and allow you to access that operating system from any device you choose?

Most small businesses start down the virtualization path by consolidating servers. By placing dozens of virtual servers onto a single physical device, you save on capital and operation expenses. Your environment becomes much more efficient and flexible.

What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Instead of breaking apart the computer, storage and networking functions into different physical devices, Hyperconvered infrastructure brings all three functions back to a single box. To enable redundancy and pool resources, multiple “nodes” are added to the infrastructure. This allows you to use the storage and networking that’s already built into he servers, to reduce costs even further. has partner with the industry leader in Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Nutanix. Learn more.

Private or Public Cloud

No matter which solution you go with, can help you either build your own private cloud, or extend your private cloud in a public cloud solution like Microsoft Azure.

Why for Virtualization and Hyperconverged Solutions

Almost every part of your infrastructure can now be virtualized. This includes compute, storage and networking. engineers have extensive training, certification and expertise in all areas of virtualization. We can design, setup and manage your virtual infrastructure. Call us today at (855)609-2665.

<h3>Server, Storage & Networking</h3>

Server, Storage & Networking

SomethingCool and Lenovo provide both tradition server, storage and networking solutions, along with the next generation of IT for software-defined infrastructure.

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<h3>Hyper-converged Infrastructure</h3>

Hyper-converged Infrastructure

What does freedom mean to you? Experience the freedom of choice with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

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Find out more about virtualization for desktop & server, application, networking, along with public and hybrid clouds

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<h3>Intelligent Data Management</h3>

Intelligent Data Management

Hyper-availability is mission-critical for today's business. Backup & Recovery solutions for your servers and cloud infrastructure.

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