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Future of the human brain?

Future of the human brain?

This is my and Arthur’s first computer. There’s no hard drive- only those a 5.25 floppy disk drive, 1.79 MHz processor and 48 kilobyte of RAM.  Oh, and there’s no Internet- no access to the world’s information.

This is my phone.

It has 16 GB of storage, 1 GB of RAM and can send and at full speed, send/receive data at 50 mbps/100 mbps & is permanently connected to the world’s information.


What am I  getting at with all this?

I’m just musing about how we used to just have a tiny fraction of today’s computing power and data storage that took up an entire kitchen table… Now we have thousands times more than that in our pocket that connect to  the collective vast information database of the Internet.

What is going to become of the human brain?  Will we still need to memorize facts, when the answer is a 2 second internet search away?  How will we evolve as a human race?  I don’t have the answers to those philosophical questions… I only know that as an Information Technology solution provider, that we have to work hard to keep up with this breakneck pace and provide you with solutions to all your  technology needs.

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Please have a  happy and safe Memorial Weekend!

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