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Windows 7 End-of-Life 10 Months Away

Windows 7 End-of-Life 10 Months Away

March 26, 2019

It’s been over 10 years since Microsoft first released Windows 7.  That’s long enough for a lot of people to become complacent, just like they did with WindowsXP.  Complacency is no excuse after January 14, 2020, though. That’s the date Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows 7.  

What does this mean for you?

The end-of-life means there will be no more security patches for the ubiquitous operating system.  No more patches means the system will eventually become susceptible to security flaws that attackers will exploit. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when those exploits will happen.

What are your options?

There are only 3 options for the hundreds of millions of people that are still running Windows 7.

  1. Upgrade your PC to Windows 10.  Most computers purchased in the last 2 years came with a Windows 10 downgrade license, anyway. You just need to upgrade your system to Windows 10 if that’s the case.  Even if your system did not come with a downgraded license, Microsoft made the Windows 10 upgrade free over a year ago. While this free upgrade could end at any time, as of now it’s still there.
  2. If you can’t upgrade, or if your computer simply won’t handle an upgrade because of its age, a replacement is an option.  Plan ahead if this is the route you plan on taking. Intel’s recent processor manufacturing issues have made some mid-range desktop PCs hard to come by, and that shortage could last through the fall of 2019.  
  3. The final option isn’t really an option, at all.  You can keep using Windows 7. However, don’t expect support when you have an issue.  Most IT companies, including, will not support outdated operating systems.  Software companies will also start pulling support, including the ever-important antivirus software.  With the inevitability of exploits, combined with no support from antivirus software, the chances of you getting a virus (and spreading that virus to others) is substantial.  

If you are a client of, we are providing a flat-fee upgrade service to get your Windows 7 system up to Windows 10.  Your system must meet the minimum requirements to take advantage, though.

If you are not a client of, go here to get details on upgrading your system from Microsoft.